Monday, December 30, 2013

The Ultimate Gift for Tea Lovers!

If you know someone who really enjoys tea this little guy right here will make their day.

While looking for some Christmas gifts for my friends and family members, I came across this lovely Tea Chest. When I first saw it I wanted to buy right away, but at the time it was a little expensive for my budget. Especially because I was suppose to be buying gifts for other people and not me.  However, the day after Christmas this lovely and elegant Tea Chest went on SALE. (YaY) So, at this point it was a sign that I must buy it and I did.

The original Price was $29.99 (Which is a great price for this particular product, I am just cheap)

It went on sale for 14.99 (Now, who can beat that)

These are the descriptions provided by the Bed Bath & Beyond website. 
  • Chest also functions as an elegant serving tray that prominently displays twelve each of the following flavors: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Mango, Mint, Blueberry Green, Oriental Treasure Green, Pomegranate Green and Chamomile Herbal Tea.
  • Imported.
  • One-year warranty.
Here are some pictures of my Lovely Tea Chest. 

Close View!

Open View!
 As you guys can see the Tea Chest comes with tea inside. It comes with 96 tea bags and it has Green, Black & Herbal Tea. 

Side View!
I have only tried two of the teas and so far so good. They are quite decent and the chest brings a good selection of teas.

Here is the link to the Bed Bath and Beyond Website just in case you want to buy it. You can also check your local BBB store, that's where I got mine. And of course, YOU CAN USE YOUR BBB COUPON ON TOP OF THAT. (YAY)

I <3 Smoothies!!!! Especially when they are delicious and healthy.... Check out one of my favorite smoothies for this week.....

So, I was in the mood for something super delicious but at the same time I wanted a drink that was rich in nutritional value, so I came up with the following recipe...... And do not let the green fool you because it taste great....

Here are the ingredients:

2 Table spoons of Natural Yogurt (Non Flavor)
2 Kale leaves
A handful of frozen Strawberries
A handful of Spinach  
Soy or Almond Milk
(To your taste, it depends how runny or thick you want the smoothie to be)
Chia Seeds
(Already soaked in milk or water)

How to:

Put all the ingredients in your blender and blend.
Is that simple.........

Things you might want to know:

·         If you want a sweet flavor you can try using sweet almond milk. It will make your drink have a sweet taste, however it taste great with soy or non sweet almond milk.
·         Make sure you let the Chia Seeds soak for at least 15 Mins. Before making your smoothie or you can just put a table spoon of the seeds without soaking... (I like to soak them) but that's just me...
·         Make sure to wash your veggies and fruits....
·         If you do not have frozen strawberries make sure that you at some ice to your smoothie, for a cold and refreshing drink.

If anybody wants to give it a try, post your pic, or comment if you like it or not....

Thanks for reading. <3

I am not a nutritionist or anything like that!!!!