Thursday, January 16, 2014

DIY Facial Scrub

One of my goals this year is to eliminate any non natural product from my skin care routine. However, one of the first steps that I have to make is to use up all the products that I already own. ( I do not like to waste products.) The first item in my skin care routine that I already finished up was my facial scrub and that is why I am sharing with you my new facial scrub, that only consist of two ingredients.

What I use:

1 Teaspoon of Honey

1/2 Teaspoon of Oat Flour 
( If you do not have Oat Flour you can make it yourself by just putting some oats in the blender until they are ground into a powder-like consistency. Also make sure that you blender or food processor is dry, you do not want your oats to be moist.)

I storage my oat flour in a zip lock bag but feel free to storage it in any other container that will keep them try. 

TIP: You want more honey than oats. Otherwise the mixture will be too thick for you to exfoliate.
When I have pimples I put a drop of lemon juice to help me get rid of them.

Why these two ingredients?

Honey: Great for moisturizing the skin.

Oats: Can absorb and remove the dirt and impurities from the skin surface.

How to make the Scrub:

I take both ingredients in the palm of my hand and mix them until I make a paste like consistency. (You can also mix them in a container. I prefer the palm of my hand because is easier and I do not have to clean the container. Lazy me!) 

How I use it:

I  use this the same way I use any other regular facial scrub. I massage the mixture in circular motions on my face and neck. Then, I just wash it off with water and apply my moisturizer.

After using this method I have seen a great difference in how my face looks and feels. I seriously could not stop touching my face after using it for the first time. My skin felt super soft and moisturize.  

*Disclaimer:  I am not by any means a skin care specialist. I am just someone who enjoys natural skin care alternatives.

Ciao, Keylish.