Monday, January 12, 2015

December Recap 2014

Hello everyone & Happy New Year! I hope that your 2015 is off to a great start!
Today I thought I would share with you some pictures of what I have been up to. 

First of all, I graduated from college, so now I have my Bachelors degree. Right after graduation I went to Orlando, Florida with my co-workers and friends. The weather was a little bipolar, but we had fun. Since half of us had never been to Disney we decided to go on Christmas day. Unfortunately, the park was full and we had to leave it for the next day. Just in case you are wondering we stayed at Orange Lake Hotel in Kissimmee. The hotel was gorgeous. 

We also went out a couple of times and we got the opportunity to go to different restaurants. However, we were not to please with the service that was provided to us in most restaurants. 

The only thing I regret was not taking my camera.

I got this super cute Minnie Mouse Ticket.
 The background is a super beautiful Christmas Tree that the Hotel had in the lobby.

The Christmas Tree of the Magic Kingdom.

One of my favorite Disney story is The Beauty & the Beast.

It was nice to wear summer clothing. Since we are experiencing really cold weather in NY.

First meat Burger after five or seven years. 

Ropa Vieja! Old Clothing.
 I believe this was a Cuban dish.
Downtown Disney!

One of the many pools at the hotel.

I went to the Magic Kingdom for the first time. (I know)
From a far.

I decided to cut my hair for the New Year,
 I am still trying to get use to the short hair.