Friday, December 9, 2016

Travel Diary: Dominican Republic

Hola Everyone,

If you saw my previous travel post you know that I went to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Despite the fact that this was not my first time on the island, I made sure to explore and visit places I have never been before.

Here is a recap of my favorite places in DR. It is important to know that I went to all these places with someone who lives there. I did not stay at a Resort. We only rented an Airbnb when we went to Punta Cana.

Restaurant  at Playa Nueva Romana!
At the pool! (Playa Nueva Romana)
You can’t go to Punta Cana and not go to CoCo Bongo.

 Island Girls!!

I found this really cool old “boat”at the beach.

The Inside!

I decided to look cool and take a picture. 

I went to this super awesome cafe (Cafe401)  to have breakfast with my best friend. The food delicious and healthy as well. 

 And of course get on the swing, broom, and/or hammock.

I went to a really nice cafe called Del Jardin. The food was great and the cakes that they sell there are to die for.

Playa Esmeralda.
And that was my trip to the island. I hope to be able to put a video together soon.